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Introduction to the precautions when using the high-speed centrifuge


High-speed centrifuges are equipped in many laboratories. Recently, there has been frequent news of centrifuge injury incidents. The safety hazards of laboratories are still a concern for everyone. So what should be paid attention to when using high-speed centrifuges?


1. When the high-speed centrifuge is pre-cooling, the lid of the centrifuge must be closed. After the centrifugation is completed, the rotor needs to be taken out and placed on the laboratory bench to control the water inside. The lid should also be opened to dry.


2. When using a high-speed centrifuge for ultracentrifugation, the centrifuge tube must be filled with liquid samples, and the vacuum needs to be removed during ultrafiltration centrifugation, which can effectively avoid the deformation of the centrifuge tube. Be sure to ensure that the cap of the centrifuge tube is tightly closed to prevent liquid leakage and affecting the work of the sensor.


3. During pre-cooling, the rotor, and cover of the centrifuge can be removed and placed on the test bench, and must not be placed on the rotor without fixing it, which may easily lead to misoperation and safety accidents!


4. When putting on the centrifuge rotor cover, be sure to use tools to tighten the rotor, and then start the centrifuge button after confirming the safety. Do not allow the cover to be loose. Before running, confirm whether there is a hidden danger of foreign objects in the vicinity. If necessary, remove the hidden danger before starting.


5. In the centrifugation experiment, the high-speed centrifuge needs to be placed on a stable and horizontal test bench to reduce the tilt of the body. In this way, the sample and the instrument are in a relatively balanced working state and at a safe distance during high-speed rotation. At the same time, the internal friction of the centrifuge is reduced and the service life is prolonged.


6. When using the high-speed centrifuge, the operator needs to take care of the whole process. In case of emergency, it is necessary to press the stop button urgently to perform deceleration and stop operations.

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Introduction to the precautions when using the high-speed centrifuge

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