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What are the main uses of manganese dioxide?

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Pyrolusite is mainly used for steelmaking and manganese alloy making.
Natural manganese dioxide (pyrolusite) is an important source of manganese. It is mainly used for steelmaking and manganese alloy making. About 70-80% of the manganese dioxide produced in the world is used in the battery industry. Electrolytic manganese dioxide is an excellent battery depolarizer. Compared with dry batteries produced by natural discharge manganese dioxide, it has the characteristics of large discharge capacity, strong activity, small size, and long life. Therefore, electrolytic manganese dioxide becomes a battery A very important raw material for industry.
In addition to being the main raw material of batteries, electrolytic manganese dioxide in physical state is also widely used in other fields.
For example, in the fine chemical production process, it is used as an oxidizer and a raw material in manganese-zinc ferrite soft magnetic materials.Because electrolytic manganese dioxide has strong catalysis, oxidation, reduction, ion exchange, and adsorption capabilities, after treatment and molding, it is an excellent water purification filter material with comprehensive performance, which is comparable to commonly used activated carbon, zeolite, etc. Compared with water filter media, it has stronger decolorization and metal removal ability.
Another main use of manganese dioxide is as a colorant in the brick industry, which can make bricks appear red, brown, or gray.
In the glass manufacturing industry, manganese dioxide is used as a bleaching agent and is known as the "glass maker's soap". Because ordinary glass is often green due to trace iron (II), it is not easy to remove this trace iron. If manganese dioxide is added during glass smelting, the glass becomes colorless and transparent. This is because manganese dioxide oxidizes iron (II) to iron (III), and manganese (IV) is reduced to manganese (III). Iron silicate (Ⅲ) is yellow, manganese silicate (Ⅲ). It is purple. Yellow and purple are complementary colors, and they look colorless. Manganese dioxide is used in the chemical industry to oxidize aniline to hydroquinone (hydroquinone is extremely important in the production of developers, dyes, and paints).
Manganese dioxide is also used as a combustion aid in the match industry, and as a glaze for ceramics and enamels.

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