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The Direct Economic Loss Caused By The Postponement Of The Tokyo Olympics Is About $ 6 billion

wallpapers News 2020-04-03

It is reported that the loss caused by the postponement of the Olympic Games is about 5.8 billion U.S. dollars. Nikkei News believes that the injuries are between 5.4 billion U.S. dollars and 6.3 billion U.S. dollars. These losses are only the losses of the Olympic Games itself and the financial costs caused by the delay of one year. If the Olympics were canceled, the losses would reach $ 41 billion. Postponing the Olympics is a massive project, and there are countless questions submitted to the organizer and the host city of Tokyo. The most direct loss is the default of many engineering projects. The Olympic Village, located in Harumi, Tokyo, was initially planned to be converted into an apartment for sale after the meeting, with about 4.100 houses. Many houses have already been sold. The delivery date is March 2023. If the Olympics are postponed, many home buyers will demand compensation for their losses.

Labor costs are also a considerable expense. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee now has more than 3.000 staff members. As the game approaches, the Olympic Organizing Committee has also hired some short-term contract staff. After the Olympic Games are postponed, everyone's contracts have to be re-signed, and unplanned labor costs have surged. In addition to direct economic losses, indirect losses are more significant, and the impact is far-reaching. Both Tokyo and Japan have been preparing for the Olympic Games for seven years. The whole country greeted the Olympic Games with enthusiasm. Delaying the Olympic Games would be a massive blow to public confidence.

Deep groove ball bearings are an essential part of the machinery and equipment for the construction of Olympic venues. For radial bearings that bear the combined load, due to the increase in the number of rolling elements that take the pressure, friction resistance increases, heat generation increases, and lubrication and cooling conditions become poor. Moreover, the force acting on the cage is also increased, so the limiting speed of the deep groove ball bearing must be multiplied by a reduction factor f2 to adjust it according to the bearing type and the load angle.

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