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Correct installation method of tapered roller bearings

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Tapered roller bearings are a unit composed of tapered raceways (inner and outer rings) and tapered rollers. This structure is suitable for combined loads, such as axial and radial loads acting in both directions. The projection lines of all conical surfaces converge at the same point on the bearing axis to improve rolling and reduce friction. According to the increase or decrease of the contact angle, the load capacity can be increased or decreased. The larger the contact angle, the higher the load capacity. And they are usually used in pairs to better distribute the radial load. In some heavy-duty applications, two or four groups can be used together.
When tapered roller bearings are used, the disassembly and assembly of the bearings are an important part of the maintenance and repair process. In many cases, if the tapered roller bearings are installed incorrectly, the bearings will be seriously damaged and unusable. . Such as the fracture of the small rib of a bearing, this type of failure is common in the installation of the bearing. Today, I will share with you the reasons for the small rib fracture due to the improper installation of tapered roller bearings.
1. Analysis of installation failure of tapered roller bearings
The tapered roller bearing has a small rib fracture during the reinstallation process, and the bearing fails to be used. The tapered roller bearing is composed of an inner ring, an outer ring, a cage and a combination of 16 tapered rollers. Among them, the small end rib of the inner ring has continuous and spaced breaks, and the broken part accounts for about 2/3 of the whole.
2. What is the reason for the fracture of the small rib of the tapered roller bearing?
This tapered roller bearing installation method is cold installation, using installation tools such as hammers and copper rods to strike the bearing, and the steel rod is lowered on the cage or directly hit the cage with an iron hammer. , It is mainly reflected in the improper operation that causes the bearing cage to withstand the abnormal continuous impact of external force, which causes the cage to deform and guide the roller to cause an impact on the small rib of the inner ring. When the small rib exceeds the impact load it can bear, brittle fracture occurs. Cause bearing failure.
3. The correct installation method for tapered roller bearings
The correct installation method for tapered roller bearings is to put the small end of the bearing into the journal first and install the bearing to the designated position to fix it by tapping the large end face. The installation of tapered roller bearings should be based on the bearing size and operating conditions. At present, the installation of bearings mostly adopts two forms: cold installation and hot installation. Cold installation generally uses some auxiliary tools to install the bearing; thermal installation generally uses heating to expand the inner diameter of the bearing.

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