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Main Application of Nanodiamond

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Nano-diamond powder has a wide range of applications in aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, precision machinery, optical instruments, automobile manufacturing, and other industries.

1. The ideal polishing agent can obtain an atomic-level polishing surface. Mainly used for the finishing and polishing of various hard material products such as beautiful ceramics, integrated circuit chips, multiple gems, ferrite heads, quartz chips, super hard alloys, optical lenses, etc.;

2. High hardness and high wear resistance electroplating and non-plating layer;

3. Metal composite materials with high hardness and high wear resistance;

4. Low friction, low wear, high load, long life lubrication system (such as lubrication of various cylinders), and super lubricating oil.

5. PTFE-based composite material with high wear resistance and excellent lubricity;

6. It is an irreplaceable material for the production of polycrystalline diamond and diamond film.

7. It is the primary material for producing nanodiamond thermal penetration.

8. It can be used for metal modification.

Nanodiamonds are about 5 nanometers in diameter (1 nanometer is equal to 1 billionth of a meter), which is about one-two percent of bacteria and can be produced by exploding carbon-containing compounds in a high-pressure container. This gray-brown diamond powder will form different chemical groups on the surface after receiving different heat treatments.

Researchers have discovered that some nanodiamonds have strong bactericidal properties and can kill bacteria in a short time. A specific oxygen-containing group called acid anhydride on the surface of nanodiamonds seems to be the reason for their bactericidal properties.

Researchers said that experiments have shown that nanodiamonds with bactericidal properties may be used to produce surface coatings, bactericides, etc.

Tongrun nanodiamonds can be used for super mirror polishing of wire drawing dies, as well as for mirror polishing of crystals and silicon wafers. It has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity; it has ultra-high purity, super-smooth polishing effect, and main impurity content. Below 1ppm, the surface roughness is below 0.8nm.

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